Drink Selection

A wide range of fair trade/organic beverages (even beer): cola, lemonade, ice tea. Taste one of the many local beers at the atmospheric 'Belgian Beer Bar'.

Food Selection

Most dishes are vegetarian (some are vegan and with meat). The diverse offering is provided this year in food trucks.

Why Organic Food and Drinks?

Did you know that organic food/agriculture involves practices that recycle resources, promote ecological balance, and preserve biodiversity? Organic food is usually not processed with irradiation, industrial solvents, or synthetic food additives... so here, you taste and enjoy the real deal.

Principle of the Cup Exchange System

Here's how it works: Get your first drink cup by giving two tokens at the bar for one drink.

Before you leave, drop your cup in the bins or return it at the food bowl exchange point or bar. Taking cups off the premises is a no-go.

Principle of the Food Bowl System

You can use a food bowl for free as long as you return it to the collection point. When you order from catering, you'll need to put down a deposit—1 token for a food bowl and 1 token for a spork, if you need one.

When you bring back your stuff (spork and/or food bowl), you'll get your tokens back, but only if you return everything. So, if you lose the spork, for example, you'll only get one token back."