Hey, make sure to peep our schedule for Day 2 at Brakrock!

Soon we'll drop the lineup for the bands hitting the American Socks stage.

There are three stages: the Woodstage in the park, the Riverstage next to the river bend, and the new Lakestage next to an old river arm. There's some overlap, but nothing you can't handle.

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Route: Brakrock - Aachen - Cologne - Frankfurt - Tolmin


06/11 - Cinema Plaza, Duffel

This November, it’s time to take a big gulp from The Cup Of Pestilence at Frenzal Rhomb + support at Cinema Plaza in Duffel, Belgium. ! “It’s been ages since we played Europe, sorry! But there was that whole virus thing, and whatever went on with the United Kingdom (remember them? Such a shame). But we’ve updated our passports, greased the palms of various immigration officials, and transferred thousands of Australian dollars into a coupla hundred Euro.”


16/11 - Bastion V, Dendermonde

BRAKROCK and Rock 'n Load Concerts bring you the one and only Belgian gig of Jaya The Cat(Reggae  /Ska/Punk) with special guest Pinata Protest (Mariachi Punk  from San Antonio, TX).First come, first served. This venue caps at 160 people.


We've got a free festival parking near Duffel station just for you. Simply drive to Spoorweglaan 2/bus 1, 2570 Duffel. Turn onto Rechtstraat, and then make a right into the parking lot. This parking is completely free and it's about a 20-minute walk to the festival entrance. Please note, parking in the streets around the festival is not allowed, so make sure to use our free parking. Also, this is not a spot for camper parking, and overnight stays are prohibited. 

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