Whereabouts is Duffel located

Gate to Brakrock: Stationsstraat 40, Duffel (Duffel train station)

Duffel is smack dab in the middle of Belgium, just a hop from Brussels and super close to Mechelen and Antwerp. Mechelen and Lier are the closest towns. The Duffel train station is your gateway to Brakrock. The address is 40 Stationsstraat.

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How do I get to the entrance gate of Brakrock

To Brakrock by bike

Go green and pedal your way there. The festival grounds are near bike path F1, which stretches from Antwerp to Brussels. The Duffel train station sits right on this path. It's a short, car-free ride under well-lit conditions along the F1 bike highway from Antwerp and Mechelen. You can find more information about this bike highway HERE.

Lier also offers a solid bike connection to Duffel via cycle highway F17 (Lier - Duffel - Boom). More details about this bike highway are available HERE.

Brakrock provides free bike parking near the train station, just a short walk from the festival entrance. The bike parking is secure and monitored. Unfortunately, there's no bike parking at the entrance itself due to the proximity to the train station bike parking. Otherwise, you'll need to return to the train station to use the free, secure bike parking."

To Brakrock by train

It's a breeze. The festival's main entry point is at Duffel's train and bus station. Trains run directly every half hour from Brussels and Antwerp.  Duffel station is a stop on the route from Brussels and Antwerp. Plan your trip HERE.

To Brakrock by bus 

There's a bus stop near the train station with buses from Lier, Antwerp, Mechelen, and Boom. Plan your journey HERE.

To Brakrock by car

There's a Kiss & Ride zone at Duffel train station where you can drop off and pick up. Alternatively, you can arrange a taxi or Uber ahead of time. A ride from Duffel station to Mechelen costs about 30 euros, and from Duffel to Lier is about 20 euros.

We've got a free festival parking near Duffel station just for you. Simply drive to Spoorweglaan 2/bus 1, 2570 Duffel. Turn onto Rechtstraat, and then make a right into the parking lot. This parking is completely free and it's about a 20-minute walk to the festival entrance. Please note, parking in the streets around the festival is not allowed, so make sure to use our free parking. Also, this is not a spot for camper parking, and overnight stays are prohibited. 

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To Brakrock by plane

The closest airport is Brussels Airport in Zaventem, which has excellent train connections to Brakrock. The train station is directly below the departure and arrival halls on level -1. The journey takes about 30 minutes. Plan your journey HERE.

Another option is Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Charleroi. Ryanair frequently operates flights to and from this airport. There are also good bus and train connections, though it takes a bit longer to reach the festival grounds. Plan your journey HERE."

Route to the festival from the train station 

Gateway to Brakrock: Stationsstraat 40 (Duffel train station)

After you arrive by train, bike, or car, continue towards the festival entrance. Follow the signs and the railroad trackstowards Mechelen. Turn left just before you cross the railroad bridge over the river. Then follow the dike path towards Duffel.  

Route to the campsite from the train station 

Route to Camp Brak

Camp Brak is the official camping site for tents (no campers) and bikes at Brakrock. Your arrival point is once again Duffel train station (Stationsstraat 40), 2570 Duffel. From there, walk and follow the signs to Kruisstraat 74, Duffel.

Attention! There is no Kiss & Ride zone at the campsite. The train station is therefore the endpoint for your vehicle.

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Route to Camper Brak

Camper Brak is the official campground for campers. Drive your camper directly to the campground at the following address: Kruisstraat 74, 2570 Duffel. Please note: this area is only for visitors with a camper ticket.

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