Brakrock has found its spirit in the 90s. It was a time when music styles like grunge, punk rock, hip-hop, alternative rock, and drum 'n bass all belonged to the same team. Our base was the former Youth House 'Den Daak' in Duffel. Here, we learned to create in a constructive, fun, and awesome way. Did you know that our 'merch castle' in the 90s was the scene of many mosh pits? After many shows and projects like 'Theaterwater', it was time for an unexpected chapter in the history of Kasteel Terelst. Brakrock would bring back these old times in a new jacket, and this for many fun years! Brakrock is a collaboration between Brak On Track vzw and Skate On Track.

It is the tenth time in a row that we use the beautiful area of Terelst and the impressive and ancient castle ruins. Enjoy leading punk rock bands alongside local heroes. All of this in a cozy and relaxed setting among friends. Brakrock can be described as a punk rock summer festival with a low ecological impact. Brakrock stands for the music, while ecofest stands for an open and positive mindset with a focus on sustainability in all its facets.