Unleash the sonic rebellion of Union 13 born 8 years ago in Boyle Heights, East L.A.! From backyard parties to a relentless journey, their raw, bi-lingual punk ethos caught the attention of legends like Tim Armstrong and Lars Frederiksen. Their latest masterpiece, "Youth, Betrayal and the Awakening," echoes the streets' unfiltered voice, delivering a powerful punch of barrio authenticity. With tracks like "The Game," Union 13 demands your attention, offering a glimpse into the frustrated dreams and desperation of a generation.



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The Smoking Popes built a relationship with their legion of fans by melding raw songs about bittersweet heartache with soaring melodies, power chords and infectious energy. Think about a unique blend of buzzsaw guitars, caffeinated rhythms and heartfelt crooning vocals, combining the angst of punk with the smooth sophistication of Frank Sinatra, creating music both urgent and timeless, and influencing a generation of musicians in their wake!