Grade 2’s latest album, released on Hellcat Records, blends old-school punk with Gen-Z angst. These Isle of Wight natives deliver 15 high-energy tracks, from "Judgement Day" to "Doing Time." Recorded with Tim Armstrong, it’s a raw, electrifying 35-minute ride. Authentic and intense, this album is ready to rock your world and keep the punk spirit alive.
If you’re hungry for some outstanding technical skatepunk, Belvedere Band will definitely fill your needs. This Canadian band should not need any introduction since they are pretty iconic: (especially) since the release of ‘Fast Forward Eats The Tape’ (2004), this band has a special place in many punk rock loving hearts! They are known to flawlessly mix the speed of skatepunk and its poppy melodies with the blistering technical skills of a metalband. A must have for enthusiasts of technical but overly melodic punk rock.