The Dwarves, rock legends for over 30 years, emerged in the ’80s garage rock revival. Known for searing live shows, they gained fame as early Sub/Pop signees, terrifying grunge crowds with live madness. Their ’90s “Blood Guts & Pussy” LP disrupted the era of hair metal and flannel. After guitarist HeWhoCanNotBeNamed’s death, they signed with Epitaph, shaping pop punk with “The Dwarves Are Young & Good Looking” and “Come Clean.” The 2005 “The Dwarves Must Die” showcased eclectic prowess. With 1200 shows, three decades, and genre-defying experiments, their latest, “THE DWARVES INVENTED ROCK ‘N’ ROLL,” reaffirms their relentless drive, catchy songwriting, and legendary status in the punk scene.



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